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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you have programs for?  The regular program is open to youths from kindergarten through ninth grade.  We also offer a special pre-k "mini-meggers" program for our youngest kids.

Who is eligible to play? Any child who lives or goes to school in Metuchen or whose parents work in Metuchen is eligible to play.

What does it cost to participate? The fee to participate in the fall program is $90 per player. We realize that financial circumstances sometimes make this a challenge for families. If this is the case, please email us at regarding scholarships. 

What equipment does my child need to play? Here’s a list of the required and optional things they’ll need to play: 1) Shin guards - for all games and practices.2) A soccer Ball: size 3 for Grades K-2, size 4 for Grades 3-5, size 5 for Grades 6-8. 3) Water - We can’t stress this enough. Please bring your own water to games and practices. 4) Soccer shoes are highly recommended for all ages, but not required. Please note that, due to safety concerns, baseball/softball/American football cleats must be approved for club play. No metal cleats of any kind are allowed.

How do you organize the teams? For the 1st through 8th grade divisions, coaches are invited to participate in the team creation process. The process of making up teams is complex. The committee assigned to this task tries to achieve parity by balancing the teams according to skill level. In the older grade divisions, an age balance must also be struck. To further complicate things, we have to make sure there's a child of a coach and 2 assistant coaches on each team. Coaches always coach their child’s team and siblings in the same division are placed together. We strive to ensure that a player has one or more teammates from his/her school (Campbell, St. Francis, etc.). We also work to achieve gender balance in the mixed boys/girls divisions. Despite our best efforts, the balance isn't always achieved, but it is our goal. Because of the intricacies of team creation, requests for specific coaches and/or teammates, other than parent/child or sibling pairings, are not honored by the Club. Since it would be nearly impossible to honor all requests, it is in everyone’s best interests to honor none. 

Do you have a lost & found? If you or your child left something behind after a game or practice, please look for it in the field box. If it’s not there, please send an email to All clothing items that are unclaimed at the end of the Fall season are donated to Metuchen D.A.R.E.

When do you cancel games and practices due to rain? For game days, always check the Club website for game changes or cancellations due to weather and playability of the field. The Club will inspect the fields early each Saturday during the season for playability. The status of the fields for that day will be posted on the website by 8:30 AM as 'Open' or 'Closed'.See our Rainout Policy page for all the details. For practice sessions, the decision whether or not to cancel practice is at the discretion of the team coaches. See our Rainout Policy page for full details.

When does the Club's leadership meet? MTSC meetings are normally scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 (or 8:30) PM at the Metuchen Borough Hall (Main Street and Route 27), on the 2nd floor. All parents and guardians of players are invited - and encouraged - to attend. Check our events listings on our home page for dates and time changes. If you have questions, please email us at 



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