Season Starts Saturday Sept 7!

Posted by JERRED COOK on Aug 31 2019 at 04:45PM PDT

Schedules are posted here:
Opening Day is Saturday Sept 7, now less than a week away! Game schedules are now published here:
So check it out to see when your team(s) play! Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders all play at Edgar School fields. All 3rd graders and up play at Myrtle or Charles fields.

For opening day we expect the teams to spend a little time getting to know each other and to practice for a little while. Games can be played when both teams are ready to go.

Soccer is a super exciting sport and we expect you to cheer on your kids but we also expect that all parents will behave themselves. Parents should STAY OFF THE FIELDS. Please also be POSITIVE with all of your cheering! For games that have referees please understand that the refs are kids too. They will make mistakes so please be supportive of them. Remember that this is really just an organized play date for your kids. It should be FUN.

Chairs are not allowed on the turf fields. Myrtle and Charles are Metuchen Town fields and we need to follow the rules. You are welcome to bring chairs to watch the kids play but they have to be completely off the turf fields. No exceptions! If you bring chairs to Edgar to watch the game we ask that you keep them a safe distance behind the field lines so kids don’t get hurt running into them.

We need your help setting up and tearing down the fields each week. If you have a 9AM game please plan to arrive by 8:30 to help set up. If you are the last game on a field please stick around to help tear down the fields and put everything away.

You’ll get your team jerseys at the first game. Wear shorts and cleats or shoes that the kids can run in. All kids need shin guards to play. Cleats are not required but they can certainly help the kids have better traction. Please also bring your own balls to practices and to games (to warm up with before the game starts). Also bring PLENTY OF WATER! The turf fields get really hot even on cold days and water is a must!

We have a collection of used cleats that we put out before games on the weekends. Please donate your old cleats as you out grow them and feel free to grab a new pair as you need them, We’ll have this set out at Edgar field every Saturday for the first few weeks of the season.

We hate to cancel games and practices. In general unless there is lightning or unsafe conditions we will play. The turf fields (Myrtle and Charles) handle the water very well so we will play there as long as it is safe, even in pouring rain! Edgar does get muddy though and we don’t want to destroy the field so we will cancel there if the rain is strong enough to merit. Cancelations will be sent out via email and posted to our website ( by 8AM for Saturday games and by 5PM for weeknight practices.

Practices start the week of September 9.
Practices are run by the coaches with the help of our trainers. Parents should stay for the entire practice or inform their coaches if someone else is responsible for their kids.
The practice schedule is below. Please make sure your kids are dressed appropriately for the weather and bring plenty of water. They should also wear their shin guards and bring their balls to practice.

Metuchen Town Soccer Practice Schedule for Fall 2019
Practice Day Time Location Teams Practicing
Monday 6pm – 7:15pm Myrtle Field 1st Grade Boys, 2nd Grade Boys
Monday 7:15pm – 8:30pm Myrtle Field 3rd & 4th Grade Girls, 3rd & 4th Grade Boys
Wednesday 6pm – 7:15pm Myrtle Field 1st & 2nd Grade Girls
Wednesday 7:15pm – 8:30pm Myrtle Field 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Girls & Boys

Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great season



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I registered my son Emory late. Do I bring him to practice tonight at 6:00?